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Pool Deck Stamped Concrete, SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Wellington

For your pool area, you will want durable and stunning materials. There is no question about this if you truly want to enjoy your space and worry less about how long it will last and if it is safe. This is why our SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Wellington team recommends stamped concrete pool deck. Although we know brick pavers and travertine are the most popular options, you won’t regret this concrete alternative.

To begin with, it is more affordable. You can install it for about $8 to $14 per square foot. Its short- and long-term performance is outstanding, and you can have it all done within a few days, depending on your deck’s size.

Stamped concrete comes with many benefits as a material and surface.

Our company has compiled a list of the ones to take notes of so you can understand why this decision can be game-changing:

  • It is durable and can be used for over eight years with little maintenance.
  • Repairs like fixing cracks will be possible, but proper maintenance during the right times can keep your surface stunning all year round.
  • It is affordable compared to brick pavers, eurotile, and other options in the market.
  • It is easy to clean since it only needs some brushing and simple mixes to remove stains.
  • You can be creative with the designs and styles. Thus, the range of aesthetically appealing options and results you can obtain is limitless.

We are aware of what most people think about concrete. “It cracks and stains easily.” “It doesn’t perform that well in all temperatures.” “You have to constantly seal it or repair it.”

This is all true, but people don’t know that this results from poor installation. When you work with stamped concrete, every process step is crucial.

Yes, you want to have the design you wish for. But before going over all that, focus on the concrete’s quality, how you mix the materials, and how it is poured into the deck to get the desired result. After all this, did you make sure it was properly sealed?

Sealing stamped concrete is over 50% of what makes it durable and long-lasting. If you don’t focus on applying the sealer accordingly, it will crack in no time and filtrations or problems with the surface will be common.

Why We Recommend Stamped Concrete for All Pool Decks

This will feel like a biased recommendation, but the truth is told, you will understand soon enough when we go over some pros again.

Besides its durability, style, and price, it is about comfort. When you have pool deck stamped concrete, you get a non-slippery and comfortable walking surface. You will notice it doesn’t heat easily, and you can invite anyone to use the pool area without worries.

If you have a commercial pool area, you must know the usual problem is the foot traffic. Most surfaces will easily crack or it will be difficult to maintain them in good shape. Well, stamped concrete remains intact as long as you clean it and provide maintenance and repairs occasionally.

When you don’t make your deck wait for repairs, it won’t make you pull your hair. Besides, our team is proud and confident of the results we can get. We only work with top-quality products and materials at SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Wellington. This way, we can guarantee stunning and durable results before even starting.

With this in mind, you will love the concrete option if you want to opt for multiple colors. This surface comes in a wide range of colors; you can mix them or go for a full tone for your deck. You can customize your pool deck and be comfortable with the design. This will ensure you don’t have the same pool as your neighbors or a boring style.

Finally, it is easy to build. You can have your pool deck all the stamped concrete in no time. Since it isn’t tile or paver by the paver, we can work on it within a few days. It will take more time, depending on your pool deck’s size and the design you are going for.

Can You Have This Service Booked with Us?

Absolutely! We would love to be the contractors making your pool deck a reality. Remember that we can take on this project regardless of the case.

For instance, our company specializes in resurfacing and how we can bring a new design to your place. However, if you want us to start over with this stamped option, we will do it for you and won’t disappoint in what we can achieve.

For resurfacing, stamped concrete is unavailable in our company for a single reason: it is mostly for first-time constructions. Nevertheless, you can contact us and let us know about your customized project and request. We can work around it and ensure you are covered and satisfied with what we offer you.

Now, will stamped concrete be expensive for your pool? to answer this question, we need to go over some steps and questions as well:

  • Our team will want to schedule a visit to your property. We want to see your pool, know its condition and see how large your deck is. We want to know what we are dealing with.
  • We want to know you! You can let our team know about your preferences in the design and how you want us to work with your deck.
  • Your pool deck’s size matters. We have a per-square-foot rate that will go according to how much terrain we are covering.
  • The final project and design you want to obtain.

We guarantee it will be within your budget as we focus on bringing options and solutions. Call or email us and get a free estimate from our team today! You can also use our contact form for more details or request the service immediately.