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Pool Deck Resealing, SoFlo Pool Decks and Pavers of Wellington

A pool deck will always be built from concrete. You can think about multiple materials and options that are quite modern today. But concrete will always come to mind when you consider how it will be created. Thus, you have to focus on all the steps this takes. Some need to be reviewed and repeated with time to guarantee your deck’s performance, safety, and durability. Pool deck resealing is among the services that are often overlooked. Or only considered for the pool itself.

However, if you want a safe and functional feature, you must first seal it during its construction. And second, focus on how it must be resealed every few years. This protects the concrete and ensures cracks, filtrations, or more damage aren’t common. You can consider this sealing as a protective layer. It will guarantee that your pool deck isn’t easily scratched or damaged and won’t wear out as easily.

When you compare a pool deck that was sealed with one that wasn’t, you can notice how it deteriorates. Discoloration, cracks, stains, and more signs of damage are easy to find and spot.

But with this in mind, shouldn’t your sealing last longer? Why would you need to reseal the pool deck?

Even when you don’t have your pool deck exposed to high foot traffic or extreme conditions, the weather influences its condition. The sun is prone to make it wear out and discoloration is one of the main signs of this. Other elements, such as simple dust and how it is always exposed outdoors, will damage your feature with time.

Resealing the deck ensures you don’t experience damage or have to worry about all the cracks and signs of it. This may feel like a hassle but in the long term, you get to experience your pool deck for longer, and maintenance and repairs are much less required. This saves time and money in how you have to care for your deck properly.

Is Your Pool Deck Exposed to Elements that Damage It?

All the time. You must understand that no pool deck is exempt from damage. You will have to reseal it over the years, which is not negotiable. Unless you want to deal with more serious services and projects, pool deck resealing is the easiest and most affordable way to maintain your pool.

However, if you need an overview of what is damaging your deck and why you need this service, the factors and elements can be mentioned:

  • Foot traffic. The number of people using your pool area and how this alone wears out the space.
  • Chlorine from your water. Having your deck exposed to chlorine and more chemicals in the water is inevitable. After all, people go in and out of the pool and of course, all that dripping goes right to your surface.
  • UV rays and how the weather conditions affect them matter. Depending on your specific surface and how you have maintained your pool deck, this can be noticed sooner or later.
  • Mold and mildew are common. If you reseal the deck, you prevent them from building up easily due to all the elements to which your surface is exposed.
  • Any substances, toys, or how your family members, guests, or users treat the space.

With the temperatures in Florida, you won’t experience too many problems with the weather and how your pool deck is affected. Besides the UV rays, cold temperatures don’t happen enough times a year to consider it a factor.

But does this all mean you must reseal in any of these cases? In our experience, you should reseal every few years even when the damage isn’t that evident. It will prevent things from worsening and save you money with repairs and additional maintenance.

How Often Should You Reseal Your Pool Deck? Can We Do It?

Regardless of how often you reseal it, we will be there. Our contractors at SoFlo Pool Deck and Pavers of Wellington are here to provide full support. We will help you with the project and ensure it is safe, durable, ad long-lasting again.

For this, we need to inspect your deck first. We will determine the damage and problems it has and work around them. Once done, we will provide an estimate with the whole resealing included and any extra steps needed for your deck.

With this in mind, you must reseal your pool deck every 2 to 5 years. You must learn to identify whether your pool deck is in bad condition. But to keep it simple: if it has many cracks, the damage is evident, and it cannot be considered too safe, it is time.

Our role is to help you even during this identification process. This way, you know you are going for the necessary service and not adding an extra expense. We are here to ensure you have all your needs covered and while we are at it, we listen to any additional request or service for your deck.

Will The Sealer Make Your Pool Deck Slippery?

Not at all. But we wonder, is your pool deck slippery right now? If so, it needs to be changed as soon as possible.

It is dangerous and unacceptable to have a slippery pool deck. It will cause many accidents and you always want to aim for safety and comfort.

When you go over pool deck resealing with us, we only use non-slippery products and sealers. It will help you keep a safe deck and you won’t have to worry about any details.

All you have to do is let our team work around your needs. We will let you know whether the resealing is needed immediately or if you could wait another year. If you still want us to do it, we will proceed and continue with the project.

Rest assured, our sealer and products are safe in every aspect. Our contractors also know how to work with them and deliver clean and stunning results.